What are 'Airsports'?

The term ‘airsports’ represents a wide range of sports (and subsports) that are centered around achieving and advancing personal flight:

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In aggregate, these niche markets represent over 250,000 worldwide participants.

Running Exit is Your Extraordinary Connection to Extreme Airsports.

We Market TO Extreme Athletes.

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Like most participants of active and outdoor sports, airsports athletes need gear and technology to protect themselves, track and improve their performance and document their experiences. However, this group is often (understandably) ignored by manufacturers due to its size and the time and effort required for a thinly-stretched marketing department to address it. Your product may have a unique value proposition for airsports that has not yet been addressed. We’ll be there to help you connect it to a ready market.

In the absence of direct outreach from the manufacturers of products pilots are likely to use, this socially-driven market generally becomes dominated by the product that happens to achieve a critical level of saturation first. We can help make that lucky product be your product.

Sometimes, the needs of a jumper or pilot may vary slightly from the original purpose of an otherwise useful product developed with a wider target market in mind. Pilots are left improvising solutions and hybrids on their own, and small manufacturers often pop up with expensive and underdeveloped products to fill this gap. Running Exit can help identify and test low-cost, high ROI features, adjustments and specializations that will point your product directly toward this market’s center of mass.

We Market WITH Extreme Athletes.

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Leverage the visibility and viral reach of the airsports scene and let your brand benefit from a partnership with the world’s most visible pilots.

Why Running Exit?

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For over a decade, we’ve kept our thumb on the pulse of the airsports industry as passionate participants ourselves. Over this time, we’ve developed an eye for identifying white space in this market and ideating product developments for the benefit of industry participants and manufacturers alike.

We’ve traveled extensively in pursuit of our flying passions, having visited every habited continent for airsports events or simply for exploration. As a result, we’ve nurtured an ever-widening network of connections in all airsports niches — retailers, distributors, innovators, instructors, top pilots, and contagious personalities.

As a natural evolution of our successful careers in web development, commercial production, and copywriting, we’ve catered heavily to the industry in which our passion for flight is rooted. This has given us a broad view of the commercial structure of the airsports industry, as well as a multidisciplinary fluency that confidently connects the dots.

As airsports athletes, we’ve maintained an excellent track record for safety. We approach any stunt or film shoot with both the care and expertise of airsports veterans and the budget-minded logistical abilities of seasoned film producers. Of course: we also make it look very, very good.

Who is Running Exit?

Brett Kistler

Brett Kistler

With over 10 years of experience in skydiving, BASE jumping, paragliding, speedflying, and wingsuiting, Brett has tasted flight over more than 20 countries on 6 continents, often as an invitee to government-sponsored airsports events and shows in far-flung places including China, Turkey, Mexico and Malaysia.

A dyed-in-the-wool computer nerd and technophile, he is continuously looking for new projects toward which to apply his fifteen year web development background and web dev company, ClearView Studios.

In November 2009, Brett joined forces with Annette and added commercial production to his career mosaic, coordinating and production supervising commercials and TV promos for clients including P&G, Mythbusters/Discovery, USA, BMW and Channel 4 (UK).

When he’s not in the sky, on set, or up to his teeth in emails and code, you’ll usually catch him skiing, rock climbing, making sushi or geeking out on quantum physics and Bitcoin. At any given moment, he’s as likely to be found in a refugee camp in remote Zambia as he is in a four-star hotel in the Swiss Alps.

Brett also enjoys run-on sentences.

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Annette O'Neil

Annette O'Neil

Raised by a doctor and a flight nurse in the U.S. Air Force, Annette grew up surrounded by wings and jet exhaust on flight lines in Germany, Panama and the Philippines. Her career in personal flight began in 2009, with a skydive just outside the small town of Pietermauritzberg, South Africa. Since then, she’s amassed hundreds of skydives, BASE jumps, paragliding hours and speedflights and is a frequent invitee to airsports events and demonstrations around the world.

Annette’s professional life is equally diverse. After graduating from the University of Southern California with majors in both Cinema and International Communication (as well as a minor in Geology), she dove headlong into the film production industry in Los Angeles. Over the course of a decade in the production trenches, she first found her niche in music videos and, finally, as a freelance commercial and promo producer.

In recent years, Annette has shifted her focus toward her flourishing writing career, rendering her location independent with more freedom to pursue travel- and airsports-related interests. As well as serving as the Expert Guide for the Extreme Sports subsite at About.com, she currently writes for a variety of online publications (including USA Today, LiveStrong and GlobalPost). She’s also published in print frequently, regularly contributing to Whole Life Times, Blue Skies Magazine and Yoga Awakening Africa.

More at clevergingercreative.com

While Brett and Annette are your primary points of contact at Running Exit, we consider ourselves only a part of the larger tribe of pilots, instructors, test jumpers, retailers, and friends around the globe that help make Running Exit so singularly effective.


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